Don’t believe the Voter’s Guide

October 13th, 2014 by Ken

This week, the Thurston County Auditor will be putting your General Election ballot in the mail.  Also arriving long with your ballot will be your Official Election Pamphlet.

Just remember that nothing you read in your voter’s pamphlet is true.   Just because it comes from a government agency, doesn’t make it truthful.   Supporters and opponents of ballot measures will tell you anything and quote any statistic, even if they make them up themselves.

It’s all a lie – – and allowed by law.

Candidates write their own statements and can say anything they wish – – about themselves or their opponents.

Courts, all the way up to the United States Supreme Court have ruled that candidates can lie in official publications and can’t be edited by the government.   It’s part of the First Amendment and free speech.

Also arriving along with your ballot will be tons and tons of campaign material put out by supporters and opponents of the ballot measures, along with brochures bought and paid for by the candidates or their supporters.  Don’t believe them either.

If you can’t believe the official voters guide or the campaign materials, or any of the ads you see on your television, how do you know who to vote for?

Believe yourself.  Do your own research.  Talk to the candidates and supporters in person.  Get their measurement. Go to the various forums.   Listen to people who you know and trusts.

If you can’t do that – – then Don’t Vote.

You shouldn’t cast a vote out of ignorance.

Just because you receive your ballot in the mail this week doesn’t mean you have to mail it right back.  You still have time to do your own research.   Start now and learn more about the candidates and by election day on November 4, you’ll be an educated voter.

And, that’s the best kind of voter.

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