What do the protesters want?

January 19th, 2017 by Ken

Thousands of American are gathering in Washington DC today to protest the presidency of Donald Trump.  I’ve wondered for a long time what they really want.   Do they want Trump to resign?  Do they want him to be impeached?  Do they want him to die in office?   I haven’t really been certain what they want to accomplish.

And then, I read the Facebook page of Kelsey Hulse, who is currently in Washington DC to protest and make her voice heard.   Kelsey thinks there’s a media blackout on protests but has made her views known through social media.

Kelsey said she is protesting because misogyny  and racism will not be tolerated or excused.   Women rights and immigrant rights are human rights, she said.

“I’m here because I believe the role of government is to work for accessibility, equity, opportunity and justice for all.” she said in her Facebook post.

Kelsey was the Democratic candidate for Thurston County commissioner in November.   She lost to independent candidate Gary Edwards.

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Trump’s appointees are change agents

January 18th, 2017 by Ken

I’ve been watching the Senate hearings on President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees for the various cabinet positions.   If you haven’t taken an hour or so to do it – you’re missing an opportunity to see just how upset Democrats are for losing the election.

Many of his nominees have never held public office before.  Many of them are rich and are millionaires or billionaires.  Some of them have railed against government and government over-reach.   It’s for those reasons that the Democrats find them unsuited to run government agencies.  For them, the old cliche holds true – it’s like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

But, Donald Trump ran on a platform to change the way government operates.   You don’t make change by appointing those who have benefited from the old revolving door.   Only those with new ideas can make change.

A good example of this is Betsy DeVos, Trump’s choice to be Education Secretary.  She married into money and her family is the heir to the Amway fortune.  DeVos has never been a teacher, never worked in education and never managed a government agency with a billion dollar budget.  The National Education Association – the group which controls the Democratic Party – finds her lack of public education experience the reason she should be rejected.

But, DeVos has been a strong advocate for parental control of education and favors vouchers that would allow students to attend any school of their choice – private, religious or public.  She has spent a good part of her life working for public choice.  If, as it is said, our public schools are failing then the only way to make change is for someone from outside the education field.

DeVos is just one of many of Trump’s appointees who have been critical of the agencies they are seeking to run.

Change really can’t come from the inside.   Change can only come from outsiders.  Donald Trump is the agent of change.   His appointees tell us that.


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A typical politician after all

January 17th, 2017 by Ken

Ninth District Congressman Adam Smith has decided to skip the inaugural of Donald Trump, joining with more than 40 other Democrats who have made the same decision.

But, Smith’s decision is surprising to me.  For years he represented the Lacey area in Congress before his district was changed when the 10th district was created.

Smith has always been business friendly and a more moderate member of the left-leaning Washington State Democratic Party.  Why he decided to join with the Bernie Sanders socialists and boycott the inaugural had to be a pure political move on his part.

Rather than represent ALL of the voters in his district, he has chosen to pander to those who make the most noise – – and seem to hold the power to get him re-elected.

I always thought Smith was better than that.  Guess he’s just a typical politician after all.

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The Times they are changing – again

January 16th, 2017 by Ken

The Thurston County Democratic Party is in a period of change and disarray.   Bernie Sanders socialists have taken over the party and old line Democratic leaders have been shunted aside or forced to take a lesser role.   The Democratic party as we’ve known it, at least in Thurston County, no longer exists.

This isn’t the first time national political events have affected our local political party.   In 1972, George McGovern liberals gained control of  Thurston County Democrats and forced out the Henry Jackson Democrats which had controlled the party for decades.

It isn’t just confined to Democrats.   In the 1980’s, Christians conservatives gained control of the State Republican party from the Dan Evans liberal Republicans, and took the GOP down the road to near irrelevancy in Western Washington.

The 2016 election was a change election.  The progressive socialists now in control of Democratic politics in King, Snohomish and Thurston counties are making their mark at the local and state level.

When they over-reach – – and they will over-reach – – the pendulum will swing back and a new form of political leaders will move the Democratic party back to the middle – – wherever that middle may be by then.   And, with three conservative independents in control of the Thurston County Commission and the semi-Republican Donald Trump in the White House, maybe the local Republican party will emerge in a new form as well.

All we know for sure is that both parties are in a period of change.

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Today’s your unlucky day

January 13th, 2017 by Ken

Are you feeling unlucky today?  You should – today’s Friday the 13th – a day often marked as an unlucky day.

No one is sure why Friday the 13th is an unlucky day – but there are many suggestions.   During the Middle Ages in England, convicts were executed on Friday.   The bad luck associated with 13 came from a Christian perspective that there were `13 people at the last supper – – and for at least two of them if was an unlucky gathering.

The fear of Friday the 13th is pervasive across our country and around the world.  Some cultures see other numbers as unlucky, but here in the United States most hotels have no 13th floor and who can forget Apollo 13.

As far as bad luck goes, some 10 percent of the American public believes that Friday the 13th is bad luck.   But a black cat draws 14 percent and walking under a ladder is 12 percent.   About 13 percent of Americans are superstitious.

Some researchers have found that there are 2 percent more accidents on Friday the 13th and that hospitalization increases on Friday.

But, not everything about Friday, or the 13th means bad luck.   There’s an old nursery rhyme that says “Friday’s child is loving and giving while Wednesday’s child is “full of woe”.

What about the number 13.  How can that be a bad number.   A baker’s dozen is 13 – an extra doughnut.

What about the 13 colonies which became the 13 states.   Thirteen is everywhere on the Seal of the United States. – -13 stars, 13 arrows and 13 olive branches.   To Americans 13 is a lucky number.

Will Roger’s once said, “Friday the 13th may not be exactly unlucky, but it hasn’t done us a great deal of good either.”

If you’re worried about Friday the 13th.   This is the only one on the 2017 calendar.  Some years there are as many as three.

Have a lucky day.


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President Obama’s legacy

January 11th, 2017 by Ken

President Barack Obama spent an hour last night touting his legacy to an adoring crowd in his hometown of Chicago and urging his supporters to continue his work.

History and historians will be the final judge of his eight-year legacy as President of the United States.  No president can be sure of his legacy until at least 50 years have passed.    Harry Truman has been recognized as a better president than his news reports at the time would have suggested.   And, Lyndon Johnson is becoming recognized as one of the 20th Century’s greatest presidents.    So, we need time to really understand the legacy left by Barack Obama.

But, with an eye still looking at current time, we can say for certain, that Barack Obama will go down in the history books for one thing – – he was the first non-white man to hold the highest office in the United States.   Obama will always be a note in the history books because of that accomplishment alone.  In a lesser aspect, historians will say that he was a decent man who was a good father and a good husband to his wife.

In broader terms, his time as president was a time of new initiatives which failed.   His Affordable Care Act started the country down the road to socialized medicine, a path I suggest it was bound to take.   He put 20 million Americans on the health care rolls by borrowing three trillion dollars from the Chinese.

In an effort to Europeanize the United States, he politicized the federal agencies to an extent previously unknown, including the IRS.  He extended federal rules and regulations in areas previously the role of the states.

In the area of race relations, the president himself said that race relations are better now than they ever have been.   He organized minority groups to support his election but was unable to hold them in place for his designated heir apparent. Those constituents will not be able to stick together around the theme of race alone.

In the area of international relations, President Obama has had his biggest failures.   He has diminished the role of the United States to such an extent that our enemies no longer fear us and our allies no longer trust us.

The list of his failures goes on – China, Iran, Syria, Russia, Israel.  President Obama’s long term legacy will be one of over reach on the domestic front and abject failure in the international arena.

Those are my observations.  Lets wait 50 years and see what the historians say.   They always come up with surprises.

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Tell a lie this week

January 10th, 2017 by Ken

According to the National Association of Liars Club (NALC) , this is National Tell a Lie Week.  Its purpose is to educate people on how to tell a lie.

We all lie, every single one of us.  Some of us lie so often that we don’t realize we’re doing it.   Some lie so infrequently that they can still remember their first lie.   But, we all lie.

We lie for many reasons.  Some of us lie to make ourselves feel better.  Some of us lie to make others feel better.  Some of us lie to avoid conflict or to avoid being held responsible.   Some of us lie just because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The NALC wants to let you know there are some rules to telling lies and have created a list of how to lie.

First – Does the lie have an element of truth?   In order for a lie to be believable it has to have some connection to the truth.   You can’t say “The sky is falling” if it doesn’t have some connection to the truth.   But, you can say “The sky is falling” if something is falling from the sky, like an old satellite.   Then you have an element of truth.

Second – The lie must be believable.   You can’t say you’ve climbed Mt. Everest if you haven’t even climbed a mountain before.   But, if you’ve climbed Mt. Rainier, you can tell people you’ve climbed Mt. Everest.   It’s believable because it’s within your context to have done so.

Third – Can you remember it?  That’s often the hardest part about a lie.  Can you remember it?  Police often catch people in a lie because they can’t remember what they told them.

Fourth – Is it deniable?  Can you say “I never said that,” and have people reasonably conclude that someone like you would never have said such a thing.

And finally Fifth – Does it make someone feel better?  We often call these white lies because they cause no harm and because it makes people feel good.   We can’t tell people they’re too fat, so we lie.

Those are all the elements you need to tell a lie this week.    And, I’ve already told mine, because there is no such thing as the National Association of Liars Clubs.  It’s just my way of getting you to read this article.

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Local water use declines

January 9th, 2017 by Ken

The average household in Thurston county uses 30 percent less water now than it did four decades ago.

According to LOTT – when it first started keeping track of water usage in 1977, the average family used 900 cubic feet of water a day.   Now, the rate is about 600 cubic feet per day.

Several factors play a role.  Low flow toilets, showers and washing machines have an impact.   Restrictive lawn watering and car washing also help reduce water usage.   Better understanding of the problem on the part of the consumer is a significant factor.

Government officials haven’t said that higher cost of water on the part of the consumer plays any role.   The average household in Lacey pays about $30 a month for water and and an additional $60 for sewer and other related expenses.

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Lacey Council talks sports

January 6th, 2017 by Ken

Is a Sports Commission in Lacey’s future?   That’s what the Lacey City Council talked about at its Thursday evening work session and the idea gained some supporters.

A Sports Commission is organized for the purpose of bringing sporting events to a community, promoting those events and working with local organizations to make those sporting events successful.

The idea of a Sports Commission began to circulate about a year ago when the Visitor and Convention Bureau released a plan that called for emphasing Olympia in its promotional campaign.   That raised the ire of Lacey officials who touted the large number of sporting organizations which use the city’s Regional Athletic Complex  (RAC) as well as St. Martin’s University’s facilities.

Mayor Andy Ryder in conversation with several Lacey supporters, raised the idea of the creation of a Sports Commission.   He took the idea to the Lacey South Sound Chamber of Commerce, which began looking into the concept.   That move garned a rebuke last night  from Lacey Councilmember Lenny Greenstein who informed the mayor that he should have run the idea before the entire city council before talking with the chamber.

In its discussion, there was almost unanimous support of the city council to pursue the idea a little further.   Only Deputy Mayor Cynthia Pratt expressed any reservations, stating that she wasn’t a sports fan.

Mayor Ryder said that the hotels and motels in the community support the idea because sporting events bring in large numbers of fans, who stay for several days and spend money.  Activities at the RAC currently help fill the rooms.

Lacey City Manager Scott Spence emphasized that a Sports Commission was in the “embryotic” state and the city had a long way to go before making a decision.

Complicating matters is Troy Kirby, a sports marketing and manager who has been making the rounds recently to promote his idea of a Sports Commisson.  Kirby wants a countywide Sports Commission, but was encourging the City of Lacey to proceed with its planning.

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Space – the final frontier (Where is it?)

January 5th, 2017 by Ken

With the coming of the new year, we are now more than a decade and a half into the 21st Century.  Our lives have changed significantly since this same time last century.

We can point to thousands of gadgets which make our life easier, and we can point to hundreds of inventions and ideas that have advanced us into the digital world, and connected us to places we’ve never been connected before.

In some ways, our lives are like the old Jetson’s TV show.  We have many labor saving devices.  We have machines to do much of the mundane laborious work.   We have self-driving cars and we are well on our way to developing robots which can make our life even easier.

It’s in space where we’ve made our greatest strides and it’s in space where we’ve fallen down.   As a kid growing up, we just knew the 21st Century would bring us space travel and intelligent life elsewhere in our universe.   But, it hasn’t happened.  The desire, the cost, the inability of some to think about the future, has put our space program in limbo.   Others think we have made great strides.

We’ve sent men to the moon nine times and landed them six times.   We’ve established a permanent space station in Earth orbit that is constantly stocked with new scientists and new ideas.  We have sent robots and vehicles to Mars, moving about the Mar’s surface, beaming back pictures.

We’ve sent rockets to every planet in our solar system and took pictures of them all, including many of their moons.

We have at least three private commercial companies building rockets, sending satellites into space and planning ventures to the moon and to Mars.   We have hundreds of satellites in near Earth orbit enabling us to keep in constant communication and to know our location within inches.

While the 21st Century isn’t as far along as we envisioned – – it will be.  All it takes is vision, commitment and money.   What we  really need is a new space race like the one we had between the United State and the Soviet Union, which resulted in the US landing a man on the moon.

Maybe the new space race will be between the United States and China over who will land a crew on Mars.

But, what I really want is the flying car I was promised half a century ago.

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Voice your displeasure with Donald Trump

January 3rd, 2017 by Ken

It’s not too late for you to register your disapproval of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Groups from all over the country are converging on Washington DC on January 21 to protest the inauguration of the first president of the United States never to have served in the military or in a prior political office.

Trump will be sworn into office on Friday, January 20, and the protest parades and rallies will be on the following day.   If you haven’t already headed to Washington DC to join in these examples of freedom of assembly, then there is still something you can do.   You can join with the Thurston County Democrats and participate in the Women’s March on Olympia set to coincide with the march on Washington DC.

According to information put out by the local Democrats, “the march is a show of strength, solidarity  and determination to protect our rights, our safety, our health and our families.”

It continues by saying, “the rhetoric of the 2016 election cycle has insulted, demonized and threatened women, immigrants of all statuses, those with diverse religious faiths, people who identify as LGBTQIA, Native and idigenous people, Black and Brown people, people with disablities, the economically impoverished and survivors of sexual assault.”

I suspect that white males might feel unwelcomed.

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Bicycle vs Car – who wins?

January 2nd, 2017 by Ken

A bicyclist was struck and killed New Years Eve while riding his bike on US 2 in Spokane.   Why am I writing about an accident in Spokane?   Because it could just as well of happened right here in Thurston County.     I have no figures on how many bike/car accidents occur in our community every year.   What I do know, is that whenever a car and a bicycle collide, the bicycle and the rider always come out worse than the car and driver.

I’ve been saying for years that cars and bikes don’t belong on the same streets.   I don’t care about legally or morally or any other reason.   When a bike and a car hit each other, the bike always gets the worse of it.

Build bike trails away from city streets.   But, don’t keep building them on the same roads that cars drive.

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Thanks for sticking around

January 2nd, 2017 by Ken

Yesterday, I listened to a panel of people representing the mainstream media.  They were talking about the election and how the media treated both candidates.   What was interesting about the conversation is that several of these mainstream media people were talking about on-line media.   They estimated that as many as 40 percent of all people get their news off of their hand held devices.

In doing so, they reasoned, many of them miss much of the news content.  Those using hand held devices read only a paragraph or two of the news and do not spend a great deal of time reading any one story.   The mainstream media types ascertained  then that they fill that void by giving readers or listener more detailed information.   And, they reasoned, that was their purpose.  That was how they were going to counter the new technology.

Many of you know that I ceased my printed publication a year and a half ago.  I had published “Ken’s Corner & The Real News” in newsletter form for 29 years.   I stopped the printed version for many reasons – one of them being cost – and transferred to on-line publication.    I have found that writing on-line is different than print and have adapted as quickly as I can.

If you are reading this on a hand held device, thanks for sticking around this long.

In 2017, I want to continue to provide you with information and opinion that you find interesting and helpful.   I will also endeavour to keep the posts shorter and hope to do more of them.    Thanks for sticking around.

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Democrats appear to be running scared

December 28th, 2016 by Ken

The Thurston County Democratic Central Committee is looking for a new home – because their current meeting space is controlled by “REPUBLICANS”.

That’s right, the Democrats, which have met at the Thurston County Courthouse for several years, are seeking new digs because of the election of two Independents to the county commission.

In its weekly newsletter to its members, Chair Katie Nelson said: “Due to concerns about having meetings in a facility controlled by Republicans and to make sure we always have enough room for everyone to sit, we are looking at new venues for our regular meetings.”

Perhaps the Democrats think that Gary Edwards, Bud Blake or John Hutchings might slip into one of their meetings.  Or, perhaps they may send one of their personal assistance to partake.   Or maybe they think the meeting room is bugged.  or maybe they’re just being cautious.

No matter how much they want to make them into Republicans – – Blake, Edwards and Hutchings are Independent conservatives.  Bear in mind that five of the county elected officials are registered Democrats.  And they have their offices at the courthouse.

Possibly the Democrats may be more confortable among their friends.  Perhaps the Chinook Uniserve Council has meeting space available.   Or, I’m certain, the Washington Education Association might find them some room.  Maybe they’d be better off at St. Peter’s mental health wing to help them with their paranoia.

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Stop making the penny

December 27th, 2016 by Ken

The United States Mint announced this week that it costs a penny and a half to make each penny.   For every new penny it makes it loses half a cent.

Well – stop making the penny.   That’s the simple answer.

Don’t do away with the penny as a medium of exchange like Canada did.   No, keep the penny and all of the price tags with $6.98 and $6;99.   Just stop making more pennies.

There are billions and billions of pennies sitting in cans, jars and piggy banks around the United States.  If you stop making pennies, then those pennies in closets and back rooms will be brought out and placed back into circulation.

Just try it for a year or two and see if those hoarded pennies don’t start to reappear.   I have more than 40 pounds of pennies in my back bedroom closet.  I’ll bring them out when you stop making new pennies.

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Top local stories of 2016

December 26th, 2016 by Ken

There’s no doubt that the top local story of the year is the election of two more independent conservatives to the Thurston County Commission.  When John Hutchings and Gary Edwards join with Bud Blake next month, everyone can expect a significant change in the commission.   It’s anticipated that county government will become more responsive to those seeking permits.   It’s also expected that law enforcement will gain additional funding in the coming years.   Whether or not these three commissioners can deal with the problem of gophers – or can roll back septic system taxes – is still up-in-the-air.   But there’s no doubt that their election is the top local story of 2016.

Continual efforts to shut down shipping at the Port of Olympia and the resulting sit-in’s and protests is one of the top local stories of the year.   While some of the protests have been over shipping of “anti-environmental” products, it’s all part of a larger picture to shut down the Marine Terminal.   EJ Zita was elected partly on her promise to make the Marine Terminal pay for itself or be shut down.   Cries are coming from many sectors of the community to make that happen.   It could be a larger story in 2017.

The silly but significant actions of the City of Olympia during the past year make one of the top local stories.   The City of Olympia put an income tax on the ballot with funding and support from Seattle backers.  Under the guise of raising money to support education, the real effort was to get an income tax approved and take the case all the way to the Washington State Supreme Court where Seattle backers felt the court would finally approve an income tax.   Olympia voters didn’t buy it at the polls.   Then the city’s police chief tried to tell the Port of Olympia how to operate.   And, as the year 2016 ended The City of Olympia declared itself a Sanctuary City.

The City of Lacey’s celebration of its 50th Birthday ranks in the top tier of local stories.   From a community of 6000 in 1966 Lacey has now grown to a city of  more than 47,000 residents.   With a top school district, fire district, police force and a responsive city government the community put on a year long celebration to explore its short history and point itself towards the future.

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Our schools are failing our boys

December 21st, 2016 by Ken

There’s a major social shift occurring in our country right now and I’ve written about it before.  But it seems that those who should know, are either ignorant of the problem or have chosen to look somewhere else.

The social shift has to do with boys and with education.   Our national educational system is skewed against boys and oriented towards girls.   That’s just a fact and has been since the women’s movement of the 1970’s.

Boys drop out of high school at rates far greater than girls.  Some 25 percent of all boys never graduate.   More girls walk across the stage at high school graduation ceremonies to receive their certificates – than do boys.   Many boys will never make it to college.

In our higher education system there are 167 girls for every 100 boys enrolled in college.  Girls make up nearly 65 percent of all college students in such fields as law and medicine.

On average, girls have higher GPAs than boys and girls do better on standardized tests than do boys.  College admission officers say that girls write better essays than do boys and that girls are more involved in extra curricular activities.

Women now make up nearly 55 percent of the work force and usually take jobs that require higher education such as white collar jobs.

Men, on the other hand, still continue to take blue collar jobs in factories.   Those jobs still haven’t come back since the 2008 recession and many men are still unemployed or under-employed.

Women have recovered well and are the sole or primary breadwinners in more than 60 percent of the households.   This trend will continue as more and more jobs become white collar jobs and require more and more education.

This puts wmen in control of the money.   It’s a new paradigm.   Previously, women married up the social ladder while men often married down.   Society is now reversed. Men and women’s roles have changed – – and yet our educational system is still skewed against boys.

At the elementary school level, classes are taught mostly by women and oriented towards traditional female activities such as sitting quietly, working cooperatively and following the rules.

Boys on the other hand don’t sit still.  They don’t follow the rules and want to be top dog – -something you can’t get from cooperative work.

And, so our educational system – designed for girls – forces boys to conform or drop out.   And, boys drop out thus dooming them to lower paying jobs.

We need to change our educational system, but the matrons who control it either don’t recognize the problem, or don’t care.  In the meantime, boys continue to fail, drop out or slip between the cracks.

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Who’s to blame for Hillary’s loss

December 20th, 2016 by Ken

Winners have a thousand fathers – losers are an orphan.

This famous quote should read that losers have a thousand fingers and they’re all pointing at each other.

That’s the Democratic Party today – after the results of the Electorial College have come in.  Donald Trump is the new president of the United States.   Hillary Clinton is a two time loser.   She lost the national election and she’s being blamed by her own followers as the reason for her loss.

The Democratic Party is in disarray, particulary in Washington State, where four electors, pledged to Hillary Clinton, voted for someone else.   Three of them voted for a Republican – Colin Powell.

Hate and scorn is being heaped on the Electoral College by the losers, as they claim that Hillary Clinton actually won the election for president because she won the popular vote by 2.9 million.  Trump’s victory in the Electoral College is the fifth time in history one person has won the popular vote but lost the election, most recently in 2000 when Al Gore lost to George W. Bush.

Clinton only won the popular vote because she carried California by 4.3 million votes.   In other words, supporters of doing away with the Electoral College want California to select the president every time.   This is a state with a $9 billion dollar deficit and one-party rule.

After a stunning loss, people point a thousand fingers.  I don’t think the Democrats will come back anytime soon.   They’re too busy blaming the Russians, the FBI, the Media and Hillary Clinton, for the unbelievable loss they suffered.   Until the party realizes that it lost the working class voter, it will have a difficult time becoming a national party and will continue to be hooked to the big coastal cities.


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Time for a new county charter

December 19th, 2016 by Ken

When two new Thurston County Commissioners take office next week it will be more than a change in management of county business.   It will signal the beginning of change.   This change should lead the way to a new county charter.

For those who have been in Mexico or just having their heads buried in the sand for the last few years, here’s what I’m talking about.

Voters of Thurston County can change our form of county government.   We can do this by two ways.  We can petition our county commissioners to call a Freeholder’s Election, or the county commissioners can call a freeholders election.  Then, a group of elected freeholders can draft a new county charter, which is then put before the voters.   If the voters approve the charter it will become law.

The county charter can do any number of things.   It can increase the number of county commissioners, it can eliminate some elective offices, it can make elective offices non-partisan.   It can call for consolidation of cities.   It can require an elected county executive.   The things a county charter can do is expansive.

In the last 50 years, we have had three efforts to draft a new county charter.  Only one of those made the ballot and it was turned down by the voters because it expanded government to a great extent and did litle to alleviate any of the problems.

I suggest that we try again.   This time in a limited way.   I think we need five county commissioners and I think that all county elected positions should be non-partisan.   That’s all I want from a new county charter.

Here’s my reasoning.

Our county commissioners, in addition to being county commissioners and the Board of Health, also represent county residents on as many as 20 regional boards and commissions.    It’s almost impossible for three of them to cover all of these regional boards and commissions and do a good job.   The  county commission should be expanded to five members.

These five members should be allocated so that South County residents, including Yelm, Tenino, Rainier and Bucoda have two  representation on the board of county commissioners.   The other three can be allocated to Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater.

And, all county elective positions should be made non-partisan.

When we swear in the two new county commissioners we will have four elected officials with no official standing in either the Republican or Democratic parties.   Thurston County Commissioner Bud Blake, Thurston County Commisson John Hutch Hutchings, Thurston County Commissioner Gary Edwards and Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza belong to neither of the two major political parties.

Interestingly enough, three of them are current or former law enforcement officers and the fourth is retired military.  Perhaps these men, who work acrosss party lines, understand how it gives them the opportunity to look at all aspects of our community without being tied to one ideology.

I’ll give our commissioners a year to get their bearings, then I think we need a discussion on drafting a new county charter that does two things, and two things only – – expand the number of county commissioners to five and make all county elective positions non-partisan.

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Trump’s election has forced me to watch Fox News

December 16th, 2016 by Ken

I’ve never listen to Rush Limbaugh.   Until recently, I seldom watched Fox News.  I was always a mainstream media type.

I watch ABC, NBC and CBS news.   I watched all of the mainstream media Sunday morning talk shows.   On occasion I watched CNN if there was breaking news that the networks weren’t following yet.

But, the election of Donald Trump has changed all of that.  While I still watch the network news shows, I don’t do it as often as I used to.  I find myself watching Fox News almost on a regular basis now.   The reason is very simple – – the network news channels have not been able to grasp the “differences” that Donald Trump brings to the presidency.

Trump is not a politician.  He’s never held public office before.  He’s never been held to the same scrutiny that most national politicians have been forced to meet.   He’s different.   And the national news media doesn’t understand that.

He makes broad statements, rethinks, restates and changes his mind.   News flash – – that’s what most people do when they’re arguing or making a point.   Their comments haven’t been vetted by a roomful of media and PR people.

That drives the network news people crazy.  They hang on every word, destruct every syllabal and go over every dotted i.  They think they’re dealing with a professional politician and can’t make sense of what he says because he thinks and talks like the average person.  (Of course he’s not an average person, but he talks like it.)

It’s his business dealings and his company that gives them fits.   Trump and his business can’t be separated.   He’s never held public office before.  He’s never had to set aside his business dealings for a politicial office.   I don’t think the two can be separated.   The Trump brand is his brand.   He’s never going to be able to divest himself from his name and his trademark.

The best we can hope is that he leaves the day-to-day running of his business to his children and concentrates on running the country.    That, of course, is going to drive the mainstream media types crazy.  They’re going to find conflict of interest charges in every thing he does.   And, while it may appear to be a conflict of interest in the old politicial sense – – it’s not.

So, I watch Fox News now.  While the other networks try to hold him to the traditional politicial standards, Fox News talks about the positive aspects of his pending presidency.   That’s what I want to hear about.   The negative news coming from the major networks doesn’t make any sense.

But, I still don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh.  Can’t stand the guy.

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