It’s 2023 and politics is in the air

December 29th, 2022 by Ken

It’s 2023 and election season is in the air.  Of course, it’s always election season in Thurston County and while 2023 is an odd year election, and usually confines itself to what the government calls “minor” elections, this year may be an exception.

In odd number years local city council, school board, fire commission and other boards and commissions are up for election.  That’s certainly true this time around.  It looks like when the final ballot has been counted in November, both Olympia and Lacey will have new mayors.

Olympia mayor Cheryl Selby has already announced that she is not seeking re-election.   And, Lacey mayor Andy Ryder is making noise that he too may step down from his job.  That, as they say, has yet to be finalized.

But making 2023 a little more significant is the expansion of the Thurston County Board of Commissioners, and the Port of Olympia board of commissioners.  Each added two new positions, and those newly opened seats will be on the ballot this year.  Both are expanding from three to five members, and both will add two new commissioners.

To be eligible to run for those new seats, candidates must reside in the new districts.  To ascertain the outlines of those districts go to Thurston County elections and view the new maps.  Those new districts and the new map were approved by both the county and the port at the end of 2022.

As currently envisioned by the county elections office, one seat will be a two-year seat and one will be a four-year seat.  That has yet to be firmly approved but seems to be the option under serious consideration.

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