I hate Valentines’ day

February 9th, 2023 by Ken

I hate Valentine’s day.   How could anyone in his right mind make such a statement?  How did a simple little day dedicated to love bring such anger?

It’s simple.  Love is between people.  Love is between a husband and wife, between loving couples, between two people.  It’s not meant to apply to the entire country.  And, that’s the problem with Valentine’s Day.  It’s too worldly and broadly distributed.

As men, we are expected to give our lover some type of special gift on this little love day.  It could be flowers (preferably roses), it could be candy (usually chocolate) or it could be jewelry (sometimes diamonds).  That is the ultimate expectation.  Most of us settle for something simpler.

And, while it not always men giving to women, it is usually expected to be in that form.   Woe be unto the man who forgets his lover on Valentine’s Day.  Not only does it impact the recipient, but it is known by everyone in her circle.  When the women at work gather in the break room on February 15, the conversation always turns to “what did so do for you on Valentine’s Day?”   Pity the poor woman who is unable to participate in the conversation.  “George didn’t get me anything,” is what she wants to say, but she’ll respond with “George shows his love for me everyday,” is the response she’ll give.

And, by doing that, all women present will know that George didn’t respond to the requirement of giving his lover some form of acknowledgement.

The rest of the women will tell the stories, show off the new jewelry or maybe even share the box of chocolate.

The pressure is on – – as a man with a woman I love – I am forced to bow to the commercialism of the day and buy my wife a gift to show my love.   What a stupid thing to do, but like most men, I’ll do it – and hate the holiday all the time I’m doing it.

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