My views on the Olympia School Board’s appointment

December 12th, 2022 by Ken

I’ve had several requests from readers of my blog to make a statement regarding the appointment of Talauna Reed to a seat on the Olympia School Board.  Most of them have asked that I take a stand against the appointment and point to various actions and statements she has made in the past.

I’ve also received a statement from the Thurston County Democrat party applauding her appointment and explaining why, in their estimation, she is the best-qualified applicant for the school board seat.

I must confess, I spend little or no time following the Olympia School Board or any action it might take.  Without looking it up, I don’t know who is on the board or not.   As most of my readers know, I am interested in the City of Lacey and whatever affects it.  This applies to actions taken by the North Thurston School Board.  To my knowledge, that board has not taken a position.

So, the only thing I know is that Talauna Reed was appointed to the vacant seat on the Olympia School Board because members of that board must of felt that she was the best person to further the goals and objectives of the district.

My advice to parents and residents of the Olympia School District is to use the next school board election to make their views known.  That may be tough to do since the Democratic Party has already endorsed her, which means the local school unions must also support her.  And, as we know, the government unions, representing teachers and school staff,  control everything that the district does.

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