Don’t force me to vote for Trump

August 10th, 2022 by Ken

My recent Facebook post about the partisan movement on the part of the FBI, to swarm President Trumps home, looking for “something”  received a warning from Facebook, that the post would be deleted because it “Violated Community Standards”.

My post said that the United States government was looking like a Banana Republic which replaces losing president candidates by throwing them in jail.  In this case I said “Why not have a show trial, then take him out in the courtyard and shoot him”.

In retrospect, I can see how suggesting someone be shot could be a violation of community standards – – but the thought is still the same.

I voted for Donald Trump twice.  I was hoping not to have to vote for him a third time.

But, if the Democrats (a party of which I have belonged for more than 40 years) continues on its present course with a vendetta against the former president – I can see nothing but re-election for Trump.

Sometimes presidents have to shake up the establishment and put the country on a different course.  The first to do so was Andrew Jackson.  He was the first president not from the original 13 states. He was from the backwoods and brought about a new perspective on what government’s role should be.  He also founded the Democratic Party.  The next president to do so was Abraham Lincoln – who not only saw slavery as wrong, but help found the Republican Party.  For all of his faults, Donald Trump hit a nerve in the American public.   More nationalistic, more self-contained  more introspective.

The January 6 Committee is a partisan committee with no desire to understand the events of that day, but to fix blame and try to  connect the president to the events as a co-conspirator.  Many people believe that was the reason for the invasion of Trump’s home.  Every other reason expressed by the current government is just a cover-up.

Democratic efforts continue in many Blue States to bring Trump to heel and punish him for his words, his demeanor and his personality.

They are driving the American public to embrace the embattled former president.  They are looking like a Banana Republic which punishes former president and they are continuing to force me to vote for Trump again, when I’d much rather vote for someone else.

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