Bread and circuses

July 29th, 2022 by Ken

In order to keep the restless masses under control Roman emperors often resorted to a combination of bread and circuses.  With full stomachs and bloody  entertainment, the problems and concerns they once had often faded into the background.

There is a correlation to ancient Rome and today.

To keep the masses satiated, the current emperor has pumped more than three trillion dollars into the economy in the form of government grants, subsidies and outright monetary bribes. That’s the bread.

The circus comes in the form of entertainment.  Our television screens are filled with murder, blood, gore, catastrophes and mayhem, all brought by the government lackeys the national news media.

And, to top it all off, is the public trial of the former emperor, live and in living color and in our living rooms courtesy again of the spokesman for the emperor, the national news media.

The current emperor has just tried and failed, to pump another three trillion dollars into the economy, while minor emperors in some states have managed to return to the masses, some of their own money to pay for the high cost of transportation.

It’s all bread and circuses.  Feed their bellies with food, and their heads with mindless dribble and the huddled masses will be too full of both to change emperors and the legislative body which is intent only in keeping themselves in power.

Had enough yet Roman citizen?

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