Busy time at the County

July 18th, 2022 by Ken

It’s a busy time for the Thurston County Commissioners.

Not only are one-third of them up for re-election this year (OK only one) but that’s one-third of the commission, but they’re also in the process of moving.

The entire administrative staff of Thurston County are moving out of their current offices atop Mottman Hill, and are moving to Lacey.  (OK, only on Pacific Avenue near Lacey, but close enough)  All administrative offices – the commission, auditor, treasurer and assessor – are moving to their new digs on Pacific Avenue across from the old Boone Ford location. The actual move is scheduled to begin in September.

The other offices, clerk, coroner and prosecuting attorney will join the sheriff and remain at the current location, while renovation and remodeling will start in converting the existing county courthouse into the new Law and  Justice center.

The commissioner have also placed a proposition on the fall ballot to increase the number of county commissioners from three to five.  They will join with the Port of Olympia which has agreed to work with the commission to also increase its commissioners from three to five as well.  (I’ll have more information on that in the near future.)

Everyone is anxious to see how things works out, particularly the residents of Thurston County whose county business will be impacted.

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