What’s up at “The Olympian”

May 19th, 2022 by Ken

I’ve been concerned for sometime now about the decline in local media.  The most recent example of  The Daily Olympian’s publication shows how difficult it is to believe what is written on its pages.

The recent example comes in a headline the newspaper wrote concerning a local learning center.   In the headline for that story, they spelled Lacey – LACY.  What utter lack of professionalism on the paper’s part.

Misspelling a name is a sin in any publication.  Misspelling the name of the largest city in Thurston County – may not be a mortal sin – but it is indicative at how low The Olympian has become.  Perhaps the headline writer didn’t know anything about Lacey and decided to use the more common spelling.  Perhaps the headline writer isn’t even in Olympia but in Tacoma.   Perhaps the story came in at the last minute and no one thought much about the spelling.  Perhaps no one proofed the story and headline before it went to press.

It doesn’t matter.

Mistakes, misspellings and inaccurate information are common.  But, this mistake just reminds us how un-professional the paper was become.   Too bad.  We need more local media.  Thurston Talk and The Jolt can’t do it all.  And, I don’t want to anymore.The Olympia

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