I’m a Traditionalist

April 4th, 2022 by Ken

I’m a Traditionalist.  I believe in three branches of government, nine members on the supreme court and 50 stars in the flag. I believe in the 3R’s, the three ghosts and the belief that the third time is a charm.

I believe in yellow school buses, red fire engines, green grass in lawns and blue jeans.  I believe in family farms, small business and  mom and pop restaurants.

I believe in back yard gardens, back yard barbeques and good fences making good neighbors.

I believe in Coca Cola, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I believe in that old chestnut that a friend is just someone you haven’t met yet. I believe that you can’t make old friends and that friendship is something that can only be garnered through the investment of time.

As a Traditionalist I favor precedence.  I don’t believe in change for changes sake and  that real change only comes from the ground up.

I believe in individual rights, individual responsibility and  the right of an individual to be different and accepted as to he is.  I believe that it is none of my business what goes on in the privacy of the bedroom.

But, traditions change.  The factory whistle no longer blows at 3 pm.  The barn is no longer the pride of the family.  And Walter Cronkite no longer delivers the news.  So, just as I favor traditions I also reluctantly accept change.



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