An unspoken Word

December 1st, 2021 by Ken

“He went too soon,” she said, as she choked back a tear.

She turned her gaze from me and looked at the house that stood where it had stood for 50 years – – all of the time they had been together.

“The kids are taking it real hard, but the dog is staying around.  He’s still waiting for George to return,” she said.

“Of course we’ve had many people stop by and ask if they could help – – but – – it was a real surprise.   He didn’t even have time to say Goodbye – – not even a simple, single Goodbye.”

She looked at me, but her tears made it hard for her to see.  “Isn’t it funny,” she said, “just how important a single word can be?”

Based on a poem by Joe Illing (

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