Untangling the Lacey mayor’s race

October 20th, 2021 by Ken

Don’t be confused.  The city council elections in Lacey are actually a vote for the city’s mayor.

Voters in Lacey don’t get to vote for mayor.  The mayor is selected by the city council to represent the council in the community.  The actual selection of a mayor is done by the council.

For more than 10 years, Andy Ryder has served as Lacey’s mayor.  Every two years, after each council election cycle, Ryder has been selected to represent the council.  Most often the selection is unanimous.  Even those seeking to be mayor can read the votes and know that Ryder has had at least four sure votes in his pocket.

In my estimation, Ryder has done a good job of managing the council and the city.  For the last few selection cycles to become mayor he has slanted his support to the more liberal side of the scale in order to keep his majority.  When he was first elected he had taken a more moderate stance.  He likes to consider that he has maintained a moderate position on the major issues facing the city – – and he has.  But his slant toward the more radical side of the political spectrum has made it more difficult for moderation to reign in the city of Lacey.

His main opposition for the mayor’s seat has come from Lenny Greenstein who is more conservative, particularly when it comes to taxes and spending.  Greenstein can read the tea leafs and see that he is at least one vote and maybe two votes short of becoming mayor, a position he has coveted for several years.  In the last election cycle, Greenstein supported Ed Kunkel and managed to defeat one of Ryder’s supporters.  He now has at least two votes and maybe three to become the next mayor.  It all boils down to one of the council seats turning from liberal to moderation.

Carolyn Cox is currently the most radical of the Lacey City Council.  She is the incumbent giving her a leg up on re-election.  She is being challenged by Felix Peguero.  Currently Cox has the advantage, and if she prevails, Ryder will have three sure votes to continue as mayor.  He needs four.

Cynthia Pratt is not seeking reelection.  She had been a strong supporter of Ryder.  Running for the seat are Robin Vasquez who is being supported by Ryder and Emma McSharry  who is being supported by Greenstein.  Whoever wins that seat will be the deciding vote on the next mayor of Lacey.

Ryder and his lackey Mike Steadman are running unopposed and will be on the council for the next four years.  Malcolm Miller is not up for election.  His stand on the next mayor is not known.


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