Pacific Avenue fiasco

August 25th, 2021 by Ken

The City of Lacey has been searching for a “downtown” for its rapidly expanding population base.   Included in that search are finding properties that can serve in such a capacity.

But, city mothers and fathers have overlooked one major asset it has.   Pacific Avenue is a four-lane major street which runs through the heart of the city.  Apparently the decision-makers in Lacey have written this street off as a main street for a “downtown.”

Within the next couple of years, three major portions of Pacific Avenue will see new adaptations.  None of them are representative of what a downtown main street should look like.   Currently on Pacific Avenue, construction is underway for a major storage facility.  That takes up a significant portion of what could have been development with a main street feel.  Storage facilities don’t need to be on the main street.

Near the Lacey Boulevard roundabout, next to the animal hospital, construction will soon be underway for a new medical facility.  A nice addition to Lacey, but completely inappropriate for the city’s main street.

And, in the next several years, the intersection of Pacific Avenue and Sleater-Kinny will soon have a brand new 7-11.  A store that generates traffic, but could be located off the main intersection of the community. Other buildings will follow at that location including some restaurants.  But, I suspect, we’ll also have business that doesn’t have to be on the city’s main street.

City officials tell me they had no option but to approve these establishments because they meet all of the zoning criteria.

My question to our community leaders is why hasn’t the zoning along Pacific Avenue been changed to some form of major commercial establishments.

If, our city leaders can’t answer that.  Then ask them what they plan to do to make certain the Sears property adds to the value of our community and our search for a downtown.

We don’t need another fiasco like Pacific Avenue redevelopment.

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