The government has no reason to know my race

August 16th, 2021 by Ken

The results of the 2020 Census are out, and significant changes are in the works for political redistricting and the distribution of federal funds.   The results have become more significant in recent years with the increase in federal funding to local jurisdictions – often made on the basis of need and the racial and ethnic make-up of communities.

But, in the last several years, racial ethnicity has become paramount for most political activities, as well as those of major corporations.  Racial identity seems to be the driver for most government activities now.   That has led to some unusual responses to the census form.

Census officials have found that as many as 20 percent of all respondents to the 2020 census forms have left one or more of the questions unanswered.  The ones most often left blank are the ones with the gender and race of the respondents or the people living in the household.

They appear to be baffled as to why, but I’ll give them a helping hand.  When race has become the over-riding driver of federal money, then many people see that as on the wrong track and are unwilling to provide the answer.

Mark me down as one of those.

I did the form on-line. I did not answer the race question on my form.  The first time I left the question blank, the computer refused to accept it because I had not answered all the questions.  The next time I answered the question, I left it blank again. The second time it accepted it.

I have no trouble providing information to the government, when I think its in the national interest.  I didn’t think my racial profile was in the national interest.   Not, when race has become the over-riding focus of most government actions.

And, from the national lack of response, I suspect there are many others who feel just as I do.

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