Lacey Council ducks citizen input

August 6th, 2021 by Ken

The Lacey City Council has decided not to hold any in-person public meetings for the foreseeable future, citing recent spikes in Covid infections.

I think the council leaders have become comfortable with meeting on-line without the bother of having irate  citizens protesting or criticizing their actions.  They also seem to like meeting at 4 p.m. when the public is usually at work or picking up children from school or day-care.

At least one member of the Lacey City Council likes to hold the meetings while he is on his boat enjoying the nice summer weather.

We have all had to alter our schedules because of Covid, and some of us have become comfortable with working from home and not having to deal with co-workers or bosses looking over our shoulder.  But, the Lacey City Council members are elected officials who serve the citizens of Lacey.

They should endeavor to get the council meetings back on track – in-person and back to a meeting time more conducive for public gathering.  And, they should do it soon.

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