Port Commissioner candidates are a varied group with similar ideas

June 24th, 2021 by Ken

I’ve personally interviewed the three candidates running for Position 3 for Port of Olympia Commissioner – – Joel Hansen, Melissa Denton and Amy Evans.   I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with all of them.  All three are viable candidates and each could make a contribution to future operations of the county-wide organization.

All want to keep the Marine Terminal open, but support for that varies.  None of the three had any answer to the future of Capitol Lake, although the future of the lake is the future of the Port.  None sees new commuter service from the Olympia airport in the near term.

They all agreed that the port is charged with supporting economic development and could point to something the port has done in that general area.

What surprised me is that none of the three advanced any ideas of how the port could be a major player in the future. (If they did I missed it – probably because I was talking instead of listening.)

The future of the Port of Olympia could very well depend on which of the three is elected by the voters.  There’s a split on the commission between those who see the environment as the primary focus of the port and those who want to continue economic development and just what constitutes economic development.

Click on the Coffee With Ken button above and listen to the interviews.  Also, read their campaign literature, particularly that which lists their endorsements.  That should give you a better idea of whose ideas  they see as the future of the port.  Better yet –  Google – Washington State Public Disclosure Commission, click on contributions  and see for yourself who has what support.

This race is only on the August Primary ballot in Commission District 3 which is primarily West Olympia and south.  The top two will face off again in the General Election when we all get to cast our vote.



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