I’ll miss Stardust

June 16th, 2021 by Ken

It’s not too late to change your holiday plans.  If you’re like me and my family, part of the Christmas holiday season included a trip to Harlequin to enjoy Stardust – the theater’s annual musical tribute to life.  This family entertainment was a part of thousands of South Sound residents traditions.

Harlequin produced no show last year because of the pandemic.  So, we all waited to see if they would bring Stardust back this year.   The answer is No.

In its place the new managers of Harlequin are presenting A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

There’s nothing wrong with a production of A Christmas Carol.  Many local high school theater programs have produced the play and many of us, including me, enjoy the production.  But, I and my family will miss, terribly, our annual musical romp through the years.  It was always entertaining and set the holiday season for many of us.

I know the new managers didn’t want to copy the Stardust production since it was the prevue of the previous managers.  But, I had hoped, in some small way, that a musical of some kind would keep the holiday tradition going.  I’m disappointed.

I will go see this current production of A Christmas Carol and I will enjoy it.  But I’ll miss the holiday tradition my family undertook for years.Stardust

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