What are they marching for?

May 20th, 2021 by Ken

Every Memorial Day he pitches his chair by the street.  And watch as the parade makes its way down the road and the young men march to the beat.

It reminds him of the days when he too marched to the beat and held the battle flags high.  The sounds of the music and the beat of the drums brings memories he keeps deep inside.

The sights and the sounds of a forgotten war, he can never forget for long.  But with his family beside him and his thoughts buried deep, he finds comfort in what he has made.

As the music fades and the parade moves on, the children ask questions galore.  He can answer them all with an exception or two, when they ask “What are they marching for,”

And the old man searches for an answer to that as he tries to explain the war.  But the answers he finds, he hides deep inside, and replies “It doesn’t make sense anymore.”

(Special thanks to Gary, Paul and all the Vietnam Vets)

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