It’s tough to be a Democrat these days

April 29th, 2021 by Ken

I’m a Democrat.  I’m a registered Democrat and voted in the last Democratic Presidential Primary.

I’ve been a Democrat since I cast my first vote for president for Lyndon Johnson in 1964,

But, it’s tough to be a Democrat these days.

Time was when Democrats represented the working stiffs.  The loggers who risked their lives every day cutting the timber which built this state.  The longshoreman loading and unloading the ships which transported this natural resource to every port on the Pacific.  The party represented the farmers who worked from dawn to dusk growing the crops which fed and helped house us.   The small business owner who often worked 20 hour days to compete with the multinational corporations which wanted only to force him out of business.

The Democratic party represented all those hard-working stiffs who used their sweat to make a living.

But, who represents them now?

Apparently it’s not the Democratic party.

It’s become the party of government which uses the taxes the working stiffs pay.   You can’t represent labor and government at the same time.

That’s why its hard to be a Democrat these days.

The Democratic party has shunted aside the laboring stiffs and embraced the government office workers which demand more money every year paid for by those who labor long and hard to pay their taxes.

It’s a situation we Democrats are losing.

Many of them have transferred their allegiance to the Republicans.  And, that’s probably timely, given that billionaire tech company owners have rushed to finance the Democrats and their social equity agenda.

It’s a tipsy, topsy world and everything has flipped.

But, who’s speaking for the poor working stiff?  Not the Republicans and apparently, not the Democrats.

It’s tough to be a Democrat these days.

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