Baby Boomers are the problem for all the worlds ills

April 16th, 2021 by Ken

Baby Boomers are the newest villains in the search for villains.  Millennials and Gen-X’ers are looking for a someone to blame and they’ve found it.  The generation before them are the bad guys.

Under the thinking of these two groups (educated in a system which threw out “old” thinking and substituted “reality” for it) Baby Boomers have left the world a mess.  Global warming (brought on by the Boomers use of pollutants), over-population (do they include themselves) racial hatred and bigotry (which never existed before the Boomers), homelessness (brought on by Boomers buying up all the available housing when it was still cheap) police brutality (never had that before) a Pandemic (never had those before) and every other sin it is possible to imagine (“Imagine there’s no heaven.”)

They’ve forgotten (or were never taught by our current educational system)  that the Boomers and their preceding Greatest Generation created the best living conditions ever for the most people ever.  They spread Democracy to 50 percent of the world and eliminated tyrants, dictators, kings and ruling families.

They eliminated from the earth the scourges of Polio and Smallpox.  They found treatment for childhood diseases, developed medicine which makes lifespan longer and created artificial limbs, heart transplants and other organs which improve the quality of life for human beings all over the world.  (Perhaps many of the Boomers and Gen-eX’ers are alive today because of the research funded by the Boomers.

And, I have a solution to the housing crisis for the Millennials  and the Gen-X’ers.  There is currently the need for four million more single family homes.  Most of these are currently owned by senior Boomers.  My advice – just wait a few more years until the Boomers die off, and those will become available.

See how simple life is when you understand the “real” big picture.

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