How the feds want to control elections

April 8th, 2021 by Ken

HR1, the bill making its way through Congress, has been called a federal takeover of local elections.  The bill passed the House on an almost party-line vote of Democrats and now sits in the Senate awaiting approval from that Democratically control body.

The moaning, groaning and crying about the impact the bill will have on state and local elections made it necessary for me to take a long hard look at just what the bill contains.   I did not read the entire bill – – it’s 800 pages of government speak – – but I did read a fairly complete synopsis of it.

It basically consists of two parts – election reform – and Democratic efforts to become the dominate party in American politics.

Election reform changes include:  Same day registration (We already have that here in Washington State.)   Allows changing of party affiliation on election day.   (We have no party affiliation in Washington State.)  Early voting for two weeks prior to an election.  (We have all vote-by-mail and get our ballots at least 18 days prior.)  Registering to vote at state agencies and state universities.  (I’ve been told we do that here and that all state agencies have voter registration forms.)

Make election day a Federal Holiday.  (Because election day is on a Tuesday, government employees will also endeavor to take Monday off and make it a four-day weekend.)  Creates a Federal Assistance Commission.    Allows 16-17 year-olds to pre-register.  (We already do that here.)  Limits state ability to purge voting rolls.  (Here all registrations are kept.  Someone who fails to vote in two federal elections can be purged, but is often kept on a standby status.)  Restores voting rights to Felons.  (Recently passed legislation here allows voting for anyone who is not on a parole status.)  Requires a paper trail for all computer voting.  (Most states have abandoned computer only voting.)

Now for the efforts to make the Democratic Party the dominate party (and in response to President Trump.)

HR1 supports the overturn of the Citizen United ruling by the Supreme Court which recognized Corporations as citizens with the same rights.  Requires all candidates for president and vice president of the United States to release 10 years of Federal Income Tax forms.  Supports making Washington DC a state. Requires an impartial commission for redistricting.  (Here we have a redistricting committee composed of two Republicans and Two Democrats, one from each House.  They appoint a fifth member.   This is still a political committee although slightly better than asking the full legislature to undertake the effort.)

As far as I can tell, that’s what the bill contains.  I may have missed something but 800 pages is a daunting task and I wasn’t about to read the full bill.

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