Am I a racist?

March 10th, 2021 by Ken

Am I a racist?

The Thurston County Commission recently approved – unanimously – a resolution declaring racism is a crisis in Thurston County.  Am I a racist?

For the past 50 years I’ve been actively involved in making Thurston County a better and more attractive place to live.  As an opinion maker (self-proclaimed) I have an an impact on making my home county what it is today.  If racism is a crisis in Thurston County – am I a racist?

I grew up in a state whose population was more than 90 percent white. With the exception of our native tribe, I never saw a person of color until I joined the Army.  That was my first exposure to racism.  I never questioned it.  Am I a racist?

Growing up I used all the negative terms.  It took me years to call Brazil Nuts – Brazil Nuts.  As a child I used to sing the Ennie Meanie, Minnie song without the birdie.  When I started smoking (at age 11) I sometimes got the cigarette and later the joint wet and was asked to stop doing it.  Am I a racist?

Is the mere fact that I’m writing this article in coded language imply that  I’m a racist?

Do I judge people on their appearance?  Yes, of course, unless I know them.  When I meet a person for the first time I notice his/her color.  I notice their gender.  I notice if they’re over-weight, unkempt or wear glasses.  We all make judgments based on appearance.  Am I a racist?

Do I suffer from White Privilege?  If I do, I didn’t even know such a term existed?   Does that make me a racist, or am I just ignorant?

The Thurston County Commissioners, by declaring racism a crisis in Thurston County imply that I am a racist.  Does that term apply to all of us who live here?


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