Valentine’s Day – Another Sexist holiday

February 8th, 2021 by Ken

Who can be against love?  What person in his or her right mind can object to an innocuous holiday like Valentine’s Day?

Well, count me in as one who thinks Valentine’s Day has outlived its purpose.

Historically, Valentine’s Day has been the time when a man, through buying presents for a woman (usually flowers, candy or jewelry) proclaims his life long love and promises a romantic future.

Nothing of course could be further from the truth.

Men buy gifts for women on Valentine’s Day for one reason – and one reason only – he’s expected to.  A man can forget his lover’s birthday, he can forget his anniversary, but woe be unto the man who forgets a present on Valentine’s Day.

Media and merchandising messages have created an expectation in women, that the man in her life will show her affection on this day of the year devoted solely to love.  And he will show that love through the purchase of a romantic gift.

And on February 15, women across the country, will gather at the water cooler at work, or wherever they’ll gather this year and compare notes on their Valentine’s gift.  No woman wants to be left out of the conversation or made the butt of jokes.  Men buy women gifts on Valentine’s Day because he is expected to do so.

Valentine’s Day has outlived its purpose – if there ever really was one.

So, why do we still have this silly, sexist holiday?

Guess I better hurry and buy a card before all the good ones are gone.   Is it too late to order flowers?

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