Trump has changed political history

December 18th, 2020 by Ken

Donald Trump is not going to go gently into that good night.  He is going to rage, rage, against the coming of the light.

Until he doesn’t.

Trump has made a mark on this country which will last for generations.  His contribution to history is the realignment of the Republican Party.   He took a moderate to conservative organization and made it into a blue collar, rural, middle class party.

Realignment of political parties is as old this country itself.  Over the last 250 years, political parties have come and gone and major parties often grab the best from the old parties and adopt them for themselves.  This has been the historical precedence.  But, in the case of Donald Trump, the Republican Party changed so rapidly that we’re still trying to determine what type of party it has become.

The Democratic Party has been undergoing a change itself.  Its process of change has been slow but steady.  Historically it had been the party of rural, blue collar voters with its feet deeply planted in the soil of the “solid south”.

The change started with FDR, continued under President Harry Truman and escalated under the leadership of LBJ.  It continued its change under President Obama and is now the party of the urban elite, held together by government unions and their white collar workers.

There are some racial tones in both parties – – not necessarily black and white.

But, politics in the 21st Century has changed and Donald Trump will go down in history as the man who transformed the Republican Party into the party of the forgotten and left behind.

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