Anytime is a good time to visit Las Vegas

November 1st, 2020 by Ken

I just got back from my annual trip to Las Vegas to feed their economy.  And, as I expected, it was not the Las Vegas I knew from 30 years of visiting.  But, it was open and ready for visitors – somewhat.

Most of the major casinos are now open and welcoming guests and gamblers.  A few of the major shows are ready for opening in the next few weeks.  None were open when I was there last week.

But it is a different world.  It’s kind of like Vegas Lite with a major blanket over-laying it all.  Covid 19.  The virus currently calls all the shots.  It dominates the culture of the Strip and the casinos, restaurants and shops which line the banks of that river of commerce.

Masks are mandatory – not only indoor, but out-door as well.  Honestly, while I was there, I only saw two people without a mask.  Many, mostly young men, had a mask they wore pulled down to the chin.  But, it became rare to see anyone not taking the virus seriously.  That includes the visitors to Vegas as well as the residents and the workers.

Every casino (and I visited several) had security guards making certain everyone had a mask.  Most of the casinos required a temperature check before you could enter.  Gone were the handheld wands.  Each entrance had a large machine which you walked through, with a guard checking every reading.  Even local police on the sidewalks enforced the mask requirements.

Inside the casinos, masks and hand sanitizing were required.  All employees enforced the mask wearing and gave you a mask it you needed one.  Hands at the gaming table, were sanitized after every action.  Tables, chairs and other equipment were sanitized or replaced regularly.

The result is that visitors and gamblers are coming back, but currently in small numbers.  Several experts, with whom I talked, felt that the casinos were at 20 percent occupancy but slowly increasing.

If you think that costs would be cheaper because of the need to attract more gamblers – be aware.  That is not the case.  Prices of most things, from food to the minimum bet at the tables have increased.  The only things that are cheaper is the air fare and rooms.

But, I still enjoyed the trip and kept it as normal as possible.  Eating good food, enjoying the images of the lights and the action and getting in as much gambling as my purse would allow.

As far as I’m concerned, anytime is a good time to go to Las Vegas – even with a heavy blanket hanging over the city.

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