Boiling down the governor’s race

October 8th, 2020 by Ken

The most interesting debate Wednesday night wasn’t the Vice Presidential debate, it was the debate for Washington State Governor.  Incumbent governor Jay Inslee is running for a third-term as governor while his challenger is little known City of Republic Police Chief Loren Culp.

Only one other Washington state governor has served more than two terms and that was Republican Dan Evans, who has been slowly recognized as one of our best governors ever and who brought along several appointees with him who have gone on to be recognized public figures in their own right including Ralph Munro and Slade Gorton.

Inslee’s effort to retain his seat and get another four-years smacks of a need of his to stay in the public arena and fight his effort to combat climate change, his main issue in his run for President of the United States last year.  His concern for the citizens of the state seem secondary to his need for the limelight.

The debate between Culp and Inslee pointed out the weakness in both men.  It has boiled down to the incompetence of Inslee and the lack of competence in Culp.

Inslee has shown his incompetence time and time again.  Culp pointed out many of them.  His lack of leadership on mental health issues resulted in the closure of the state’s major mental health hospital – Western State – and the loss of $100 million dollars in federal aid.   His lack of concern for the state’s infrastructure from failing bridges to state forest management.   His unwillingness to support law enforcement and provide leadership during the Seattle riots.  He also spent a year and millions of dollars in his quixotic effort to become president.

Culp, on the other hand, has very little experience in the public sector – as his supporters like to point out.  A situation that has positive and negative qualities.  I liked the guy, but as the debate wore on, I saw how conservative he really was.  While he manifests some of the same qualities as Donald Trump, he isn’t Trump and doesn’t seem to have Trump’s ego.

So – it boils down to one simple question.  Do you want to vote for the incompetence we know.  Or do you want to vote for the competence we don’t know?



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