All we need is a plain, ordinary dose of common sense

May 20th, 2020 by Ken

It was the beginning of the 20th Century.  The farmer was riding his horse into town when suddenly he heard an unusual sound.  In a minute, appearing on the road before him was a strange vehicle, driven by a young man with a leather helmet and glasses.

The farmer looked at the machine as he tried to hold his skitterish horse.  “It’s one of those damned automobiles,” he said.  “I’d never ride in one of them.  It’s too dangerous.”

And, the farmer was right.  As more automobiles plied the trails, paths and roads of America, the death rate soared.  By the 1950’s more than 50,000 people were being killed in traffic accidents every year.  Something had to be done.   And it was.

Government stepped in and required safety equipment.  Seat belts, collapsible steering wheels, safety glass in the windshields, air bags for the driver and later for passengers.  Later, safety seats for children were made mandatory.  The government also made highways safer by designing highways with longer off-ramps, wider lanes, collapsible barriers and eventually with speed limits.

By the turn of the 21st Century automobile deaths had declined to 30,000 even though millions of cars were now on the road than in 1950.

It was a change in society, forced on the automobile manufacturers by the public’s call for help and the governments control of the money.

Such is the factor facing society today with fear of pandemics.   Just as the farmer feared the first automobile, so too are some of the public in fear of Covid 19.  Calling on government to do something, government also reacted like the farmer – with fear.

Society buttoned up as prescribed and stayed home for 90 days.  But, some brave souls ventured out and put their toe into the fear.  “It wasn’t bad,” they said.  Just show a little caution. With access to a mask, watching personal contacts with other people, and engaging in proper hygiene, you can not only live, but also thrive.

What’s needed now, is plain, ordinary common sense on the part of our elected officials.  A little understanding of human nature, less reliance of science and scientists and a few common sense rules, and the public can venture out once again and watch as the next new thing causes panic as it rolls down the roadway.

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