Is Inslee looking at recovery or re-election?

May 9th, 2020 by Ken

Jay Inslee has announced his three advisory group that will help him determine when to re-open the state to business.

It appears our governor is more concerned with getting re-elected than he is in re-opening our economy

His committees are loaded with associates and supporters of the governor and his party.  His list reads like those who contribute money and workers towards Democratic candidates.  Labor unions, Tribal leaders, Farm Workers, the State Labor Council.

Not a single business representative from the hospitality industry, restaurants and farmers.  No retailers, no chamber representatives, no homebuilders, not even a representative from the AWB or the Washington Roundtable.

I’m certain the governor knew he would be criticized no matter who he appointed, so he said – What the hell – might just as well appoint our friends.  Can’t let a crisis go to waste.

A quick dip in the Inslee pool and we can readily see that he wants a third term.  And, if the economy continues to tank, he can always blame someone else who will be on the Fall ballot.

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