Business will suffer for years

April 16th, 2020 by Ken

I’m no expert on communicable diseases and I’m not an economist.  But I have been on this planet for more than three-quarters of a century and I have been active and involved in history, politics and media for a good portion of that time.

Hindsight is always easy.  I’m the best football coach there ever was after the game is over.  But, I do have some thoughts about the future.

The economy is not going to bounce back anytime soon.  Many businesses have already thrown in the towel and will not re-open.  Those that do, will find their customers aren’t coming back in large numbers.  Here’s why.

For the last three months we have been warned that going out is a death penalty.  That being with groups of more than a handful is the same as signing your death warrant.  People are carriers of a a virus that will kill you.  For many people, that stigma will remain with them for years.  Don’t be around other people is the new normal.

Its that idea that people are dangerous which will stymie a return to normal.

How can a business operate if people are hesitant to be around other people.  It can’t.  The economy won’t bounce back anytime soon because people will remember the words of our experts – being around people can kill you.

Large group events like graduations, conventions, sporting events and weddings and funerals will be the most impacted.  But restaurants and other food establishments will also suffer.  I can’t see myself taking a airplane flight, a cruise or a vacation in the near future.

Our government officials hope the money they’re throwing at the public will help the economy.  It won’t do much.  I can see unemployment in the double digits for three or four years.   Whoever becomes president, governor or mayor in the next election cycle will be blamed for the actions taken this year.  No one is going to thank them for the high unemployment and the number of business failures they will have to address.  And, everyone will remember what they’ve been forced to believe – – being around people can kill you.

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