Lacey’s emergency grant money making a difference

April 11th, 2020 by Ken

The City of Lacey’s emergency monetary grants to local businesses is starting to have an impact.  To date, 162 businesses have applied for financial assistance and 28 have been awarded grants of up to $10,000.

One local business owner said that the money has been a “Godsend.”  “I’ve been able to pay my rent and keep two employees busy.  I’m just glad I have my business in Lacey where we have a city council that understands business.”

Some 24 businesses were denied help for various reasons.  Some were not within the city limits and some did not  have a city business license to operate.  Another 32 were being held up for additional information while 82 are in the process of being approved.

To further help local business, the city has complied a list of restaurants and food establishments which are still open and operating as either pickup or delivery service.  That list is posted on the city’s web page.  City staff are working to complete a list of other businesses open during the shutdown.

Lacey businesses which have not already applied for financial assistance can still do so.   Information on how to apply is available through the Thurston County Economic Development Council’s web page.  The EDC is doing the processing of all applications.

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