February 8th, 2020 by Ken

I’ve watched the sun set many time probably none more spectacular than while sitting on a beach in Maui, waiting for the sizzle as it spread its orange colors across the Western ocean.  Sunsets are beautiful but are fairly common.

Many of us have also seen the rising of the full moon.  My most memorable was an early evening in October while driving my car east down Martin Way.  The moon was coming up beside Mt. Rainier and lined up directly with the road, filling it fully from both sides.

But, less common and just as spectacular is the setting of the full moon in the early morning.  The size of a nickel in  the western sky its beam bounced off the lake and increased its intensity.  It played hide and seek behind the Doug Firs and shared its beauty with the bare limbs of the Maple and Alders.  It sat gently on the morning clouds as it slipped behind the Black Hills, still casting its glow in the early light.


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