You too can help select a president – – lucky you

February 4th, 2020 by Ken

Concerned that you don’t have a say in picking the next president?   Disappointed that a little pip squeak state like Iowa is doing it for you?   Worried that the selection process will pass you by?  Confused about the caucus system used by the Democrats?

Well, worry no more.  In less than a month, the presidential primary ballot will be in your mailbox – – and you too will have a say over who you want to run for president on your party’s ticket.

The ballots will be mailed out on February 29.  The election is March 11.  Every registered voter in Washington state will receive a ballot.  The ballot will contain two columns.  In one will be all of the candidates qualified for the ballot in Washington on the Democratic side.  On the other column, the Republican column, will be the name of Donald J. Trump.

You mark your choice (only one) and put the ballot back in its security envelope.  Slip it into the mailing envelope.  Then, on the front, you will be asked to sign a statement saying you are a Democrat – – or you are a Republican.  That has to be done or your ballot won’t be counted.

Still confused because we don’t register by parties in this state?  You should be.  But remember, this isn’t an election.  This is a primary selection process.   The first time in the state’s history that both political parties have agree to a vote by mail process.

If you don’t want to declare your party preference, or if you feel it is an infringement on your right to privacy – – too bad.  You don’t have to select anyone.  Just throw your ballot in the trash.

Welcome to exciting world of partisan politics.

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