Has Tim Eyman gone too far this time?

October 11th, 2019 by Ken

Has Tim Eyman  and his initiative 976 gone too far this time?   Three of the largest tech companies in Seattle are funding the anti-campaign and the Washington State Patrol and the Washington State Department of Transportation seem to be providing staff and information to defeat “Tim Eymans 976”.

So, has Tim Eyman gone too far this time?   Nah

Eyman sees the inequities of the current taxing system.   He sees how bureaucrats can twist and fold obscure regulations to garner more taxes from Washington residents.  He hears the anger of the people as transportation projects double and triple from the estimated costs and knows those running the project knew it before the projects  even started.

The measure is simple.  It would repeal, reduce and remove authority to impose certain vehicle fees and limits motor vehicle license to $30 and base other vehicle taxes on Kelley Blue Book value.

It’s impact is significant.   In its first year it would cost state and local transportation agencies about $176 million in revenue.  That would increase to about $300 million for the next six years.  Eyman has directed his anger at Sound Transit which has walked over the taxpayers, spent billions of dollars and still has billions of dollars more of transit projects to go.  Its funding mechanism isn’t fair and King and Snohomish taxpayers know it.  But the transit system has refused to budge in its efforts to garner more taxpayer money.

The three largest tech companies in Seattle are funding television commercials touting the impact on bridges across the state and using scare tactics with real state patrol and state transportation officials.  That’s walking a fine line of using state funds to oppose a taxpayer initiative.

This may be Tim Eyman last gasp.  His string has almost run out.  Using his name in the anti-commercials seems like a good idea, since Eyman’s reputation is shot following his shoplifting charge in Lacey.

But, don’t shoot the messenger.  Somehow this use and misuse of taxpayer money needs to stop.  So far, Eyman is the only one who shines a light on the amount of money being spent and the illegal way the government gets it.  Vote for or against the initiative because of its merits, not because its being funded by Tim Eyman and his supporters.


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