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September 30th, 2019 by Ken

I’ve been paying a little more attention to the Port of Olympia operations as the general election grows nearer.  Recently the port took out an advertisement in the Thurston County Chamber publication touting the money it has given to local community projects.  Those financial “investments” caught my eye.  The port’s stated goal is economic development, but I’m not certain that some of the projects it funded fall into that category.  For example, it gave $70,000 to the renovation of the historic Oddfellows building in Bucoda.  Another $10,000 for wider sidewalks and landscaping in Rainier.  It’s helping Tumwater develop a preservation and management plan for endangered species and it’s helping the Squaxin tribe develop a historical and educational self-guided waking tour of the Billy Frank Jr. park and trail.  The port’s definition of “economic development” is a little different than mine.

The Olympian circulation continues its decline.  As required by law, the paper published its statement of ownership, management and circulation the first week in October.  Total paid circulation for The Olympian is 9,353, a slight decrease from last year.  It also lists 2,318 paid on-line only subscribers.  What I found more interesting was its annual subscription price.  It was listed as $1,300.   That’s more than twice what an annual subscription goes for to The Wall Street Journal. 

While taking the ferry back from Victoria this past weekend, I noted a bus full of men pull up and get on the ferry.  I asked a border guard who they were.  He said they were workers from Italy who were going to the states to work in a shipping yard.  I was surprised to see the importation of workers through Canada into the United States who were working in West Coast shipping construction.  We usually look at workers coming in from Mexico.  Perhaps our economy is so good that we need to bring in foreign workers – – but from Canada?


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