Jay Inslee is no Dan Evans

August 23rd, 2019 by Ken

Who does Jay Inslee think he is? Dan Evans?

The former congressman, presidential candidate and current governor says he is quitting the presidential race to run for a third term as governor of Washington.

But he’s no Dan Evans. For those who remember, the liberal Republican served for three terms as governor of our state, the only person to ever have done so.

Many other governors have toyed with the idea of seeking a third term, but always backed off. Only Evans ventured out and was successful. He left office, served as president of The Evergreen State College, then ran and was elected as United States Senator.

Inslee has not been good for Washington residents and taxpayers. For the last eight years, he has been helped by a healthy economy and the lack of challenges to his job, either from Republicans or Democrats in his own party. He has also been helped by a Democratic state house and senate.

During his time in office, taxes have increased substantially to pay for his liberal causes, while traffic grinds to a halt and city streets are filled with the drug addicted and mentally ill.

It would be almost impossible for a Republican to unseat him, but someone from his own party might.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson has been making the rounds, talking with groups and putting himself out as a possible gubernatorial candidate, should Inslee not run. Maybe it’s time for Ferguson to bite the bullet and challenge Inslee. There is still plenty of time.

Inslee is not Dan Evans, and he’s beatable, but only by a Democrat.

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