Trump right to be concerned about Greenland

August 16th, 2019 by Ken

President Donald Trump is right to eye Greenland as a potential site for increased American presence.

The president raised the issue of buying Greenland from Denmark recently.  It is a wise move and the correct decision.

Whether the president was joking, was looking for a way to enhance his historical image, or was serious.  Greenland is the next step in the new Cold War with Russia and China.

As Global Warming heats up the Arctic and ice continues to melt at a rapid pace;  those who control the waters have a step up on the future.  Right now the Arctic Ocean is open and ice free during the summer for ships to journey between Europe and North America.  As warming continues, it will be open for shipping all year-round.

The Russians have been aware of the future potential strategic use of the Arctic and have established bases in their northern lands on the Arctic Ocean.  Just recently, China tried to buy land in Greenland to establish air fields (military bases).

Just a look at the world  globe and it’s easy to see the significance of Greenland to the future of the Arctic Ocean and the world.

Greenland is owned by Denmark, and a significant portion of Denmark’s  revenue goes to support Greenland.  And, while it may not want to sell any portion of the “island” it may well want to lease it.

The President was right.  Let’s look at Greenland, see what we can negotiate with Denmark and lets prepare for the future as the globe continues to warm.  That may well be, the highlight of Trump’s presidency.

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