Can humans really be happy?

July 24th, 2019 by Ken

Is it true that human beings can never be happy?  Is it true, that no matter how much we say we want happiness, and no matter how hard we search for happiness – – that we can never be truly be happy?

There is no part of the human brain that contains the “happiness” center.  There is no genetic link between human beings and the ability to be happy.

It follows, that happiness is a “made up ideal” fostered on humans, as a means to keep them searching for the unknown ability to be happy, and keep them from attaining such a state, while exercising physical and mental effort that uses their time and energy.

It’s stated in our Declaration of Independence that all people are endowed with the right of happiness.  Never mind that the word was added in rewrite to limit the right of property ownership.

Why can’t people be really happy?

Goals, objectives, dreams, hopes, desires – – all get in the way of individual happiness.  For every goal we reach, another takes it place.  For every dream we have, the next night brings a new one.  Our hopes and desires can never be fulfilled. If we meet them, then we begin hoping for the next step. If we don’t get what we desire we are disappointed. We’re never satisfied.

As we near the end of our lives, many people say they have found happiness in the small things.  A soft rocker, a good books, a brilliant sunset, a grandchild’s smile. 

But, they don’t have happiness.  What they have is contentment.    They have given up on attaining happiness and are using what mental, emotional and physical abilities they have to be content with their place in society.

You may rage against the coming of the light, but you’ll never find happiness.

Contentment is about as happy as we’re ever going to be.

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