Has Lacey got a deal for you

May 24th, 2019 by Ken

Well – let’s qualify that a little. The City of Lacey has a deal for you, if you live in Capital Golf Club Estates.

Residents of the 400 houses in the development will be given $33,000 to annex to the City of Lacey. Well – lets qualify that a little. The city is putting in new sewer lines throughout the entire development. Residents who hook up to the city sewer system while the construction is underway will not have to pay a penny for the service. The city will pick up all of the cost estimated at around $33,000 per home.

Why such a great deal, you ask? Lacey has a water well near the development. Over the last few years the city has become concerned about the rising levels of nitrates in the water. The well serves most of the southern portion of the city. Nitrate saturation is most often the result of septic systems and failure of some of those systems. All 400 homes in Capital Golf Club Estates are on septic systems.

To protect the well now, and in to the future, the city is extending its sewer lines, and will hook up any resident in the development which wants to do so. However, there are some hooks. Those hooking up will be required to sign a form agreeing to annexation to the City of Lacey somewhere in the future. And, those not hooking up will have to pay the entire cost of hooking up when their septic systems start to fail. In 2019 dollars, that’s about $33,000. It could be significantly higher a decade from now. Those hooking up will begin paying the monthly sewer fee of around $39.

The city justifies the cost to current ratepayers as necessary to protect the city’s water supply.

Estimated cost is around $12 million. Eight million dollars for the sewer extension and $4 million for all of the homes in the neighborhood.

The entire project is expected to start later this year and be finished by next year.

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