Which historical figures should disappear

May 14th, 2019 by Ken

Which of our  historical figures should face the disgrace for past actions particularly as it relates to the issue of slavery,

That’s a question I’ve wrestled with as new societal norms have brought uncertainty to that issue.  While it’s generally assumed that Confederate political and military leaders should answer for their actions, it’s not all that certain that other historical figures, like our Founding Fathers, should also be tarred with that same brush.

In my own mind, I’ve drawn a line over which leaders should be removed from our public conscience and which ones should continue to be honored.

The line starts with the Civil War.  Prior to that time, our leaders were living according to the rules, laws and codes of their time.  People like Washington and Jefferson were slave owners – but that was legal.

But, those who participated in the South’s efforts to form its own country, participated in Treason.  They took-up arms against their country.  That, in my mind, is the line separating  those who should disappear from public view from other leaders.

Statues to Confederate leaders should not be displayed in public squares or honored as heroic figures.  Their statues, displays and other information should be relegated to historic museums and private collections. They were traitors.

But those, who held slaves, participated in the slave trade or benefited from the slave trade should be left alone.  The slave trade was legal – – and while not moral – was accepted in the common square.

We have to draw the line somewhere – and that’s where I think that line should be drawn.

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