Disparity of wealth, biggest problem facing the 21st Century

April 2nd, 2019 by Ken

Disparity of wealth is turning out to be the greatest problem facing the 21st Century.   While some point to global climate change and others to religious zealotry  – the real culprit is the disparity of wealth between the rich countries and the poor countries.

The poor have always been with us, and according to the Christian Bible, they always will be with us.

The poor have always known that they are poor, just as poor countries have always realized that they were poor.   The difference in the 21st Century is that the poor are now truly aware of just how poor they are.   That realization has come about through technological change.

People everywhere now have access to the internet.  Even in really poor countries, cell phones and computers are readily available.  Now, the poor sit at their computers and see how rich some countries have become  They compare it to their own life and see how poor they are.

All across the globe, migrants are moving from the poorer countries to the richer countries.  They risk their life, their futures and their family ties to search for a better life.

Europe has become the first to feel the impact of economic refugees.  Over the past decade several hundred thousands  migrants from Africa and the poor countries of the Middle East have made their way to Europe.  Handling these refugees from economic despair has strained the financial and emotional resources of the countries of Europe.

A similar event is taking place on the Southern border of the United States.   Over the past decade hundreds of thousands of migrants from Central America have been making their way to the United States and asking for asylum.   While many of them claim refugee status from violence – – most are coming for economic reasons. Fortunately, the United States has a record and history of handling economic refugees, but there is a limit and an end to how many the country can assimilate.

We need a workable and supportable immigration policy, which recognizes economics as a reason for migration.  We also need the jobs to accommodate the influx.  In the meantime, we need to find a means to control the number of those whom we admit and realize that it is only going to become a greater problem as the years go by. It shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

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