AG’s opinion purely political

February 14th, 2019 by Ken

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s letter to county sheriffs informing them they must obey state law when it comes to gun control measures, is purely political on his part.

Ferguson is running for governor of Washington State, if and when the current governor decides to run for president or to retire.

In order to win any such race, he must appeal to King County, where the bulk of all votes lie.  He can’t win without the support of the liberals who control politics in the state’s largest county.

And, he realizes that I-1639 passed in King County by nearly 70 percent of the vote, while if failed in most of the other counties in the state, including in all of the rural counties.   And, it’s the sheriffs in the rural counties who are opposed to enforcing the gun control requirements.

Ferguson told the sheriffs that they can’t decide what laws to enforce even if some counties and cities have failed to enforce immigration laws.  Ferguson pointed out that the gun control will become a state law in July – – while the immigration laws are federal rules. 

The attorney general obviously sees a difference between state laws and federal regulations.   He also sees a large block of voters in King County and other urban counties.  He apparently has already written off the rural counties of the state.

Ferguson’s letter to the county sheriffs is just another step in his political effort to become the new governor of our state.

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