Dialogue 14 – White Christmas

December 19th, 2018 by Ken

Dialogue 14 – White Christmas

“I wish it would snow,” she said.

“Why do you want it to snow?”, he questioned.  “You don’t like driving in the snow and you don’t like all of the cancellations and delays that come from snow storms.  Why do you want it to snow?”

“I want a white Christmas,” she said.  “It doesn’t really seem like Christmas if we don’t have some snow.   I just think snow makes things more Christmasy.”

“When was the last time we had snow on Christmas here?” he asked. I’ll bet it’s been a decade or more since we even saw snow anywhere around Christmas.”

“We used to have more snow,” she said.

“Yeah back in the 60’sand the 70’s,” he said.  “But Global warming has changed all that. Besides, we never really had a lot of snow at Christmas time even when we were kids.

“What we usually have at Christmas in cold rain.  December is the wettest month here in the Northwest. We get an average of about seven inches of rain.   And, it’s always cold.   In the summer we get our rain from Hawaii.  In the winter we get our rain from Alaska.  So winter rain is always cold.

“Besides”, he said.  “I like a Cold Rain Christmas.  I like the way the rain makes all the Christmas lights sparkle, particularly when you see them through the windshield of your car.  There’s just something special about Christmas in the Northwest.”

“I don’t care,”she said.  “I still want a white Christmas.”

“It’s not going to happen,” he said.   “And, if it does, are you going to drive over to your mom’s on Christmas Eve.”

“You’re going to have to,” she said.  “You know I don’t like driving in the snow.”

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