Dialogue 7 – Life story

October 20th, 2018 by Ken

“I think I’m going to write my life story,” he said.

“What, why,” she asked.  “Why do you think your life is so fascinating that anyone will even be interested in your story?”

“The kids might,” he said.

“When have the kids ever asked you about your life?  I don’t think they even know what you do for a living,” she said.  “Why would you want to spend your time trying to tell them about your life?”

“I have to,” he said.  “I have to leave something of myself behind.  I want people to know that I was here, on Planet Earth, and that my life meant something.”

“Did it?” she asked.  “Did your life really have any meaning at all?  Have you ever done anything that people would want to know about.  Anything that people would want to read about.”

“I loved you,” he said.   “I loved the kids.  I have many friends whom I talked with, listened to and felt their joy and their pain.   Doesn’t that count for something?”

“Sure it does ,” she said. “Sure it does.  But, does it make a good story?”

“It might if I embellish it a little, make a few things up, add some exciting events, put in a few fake facts.  That should make my story better.”

“It’d be fiction then,” she said.

“But, the kids might actually read it,” he said. “It doesn’t make any difference if it’s true or not.  Never let facts get in the way of a good story.  Hell, it might be good enough to make the Best Seller List.”

“Better take some writing classes then,” she said.


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