Dialogue 2 – Life’s Purpose

October 5th, 2018 by Ken

“I’ve been thinking about the purpose of life,” he said.

“Really,” she replied, “have you uncovered some ancient, religious manuscript or something like that.?”

“No, I’ve just been doing some thinking about the purpose of life and why we’re on this planet,” he said.

“Enlighten me, oh ancient scribe.”

I think we have two purposes in life,” he said.  “The first is to procreate  Every animal and plant on earth has that as its major goal.   Humans aren’t any different.  The second is to have fun.”

“Can’t you have fun procreating?” she asked.

“You’re just like all my men friends.   That’s the first thing they say.  But after I tell them the caveats, they seem to pay a little more attention.

” In the process of having fun, you can’t hurt yourself or anyone else.”

“Maybe you ought to write that down and pass it on,” she said.   “Maybe in a thousand years you’ll be that ancient scribe.”

“Maybe it will be sooner than that,” he said.


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