Washington’s immigration problem

September 11th, 2018 by Ken

Washington State has an immigration problem.   It’s California and Californians.

Some 10,000 a month move to our fine state.   They bring their socialist ideas, they bring their bankrolls of money made by selling their $300,000 homes for $2.1 million and they bring their California culture.

Half of them settle in the Seattle area and the other half settle around the Puget Sound area.   A few, a handful, make their way to the Eastern side of the state where they congregate around Spokane.   But their impact is significant.

With their pockets bulging with money, they overpay for housing and drive up the cost of living for everyone else.  Seattle has the second highest housing costs in the country, second only to San Francisco.  This influx of over paying drives up housing costs all around the Puget Sound area and right here in Thurston County.

They also bring their socialist ideas, particularly as it relates to government and government’s role in our lives.  Several of the state initiatives on the ballot this year are the result of Seattle-area Californians who want to remake the state – or at least Seattle and Puget Sound – into the California image.

And, they often fail to assimilate into the Northwest culture.  They complain about the rain, about the gray and cloudy weather.  They put on jackets when the temperature dips to 72 degrees and complain about being cold.  They ride their bicycles on our bike trails and demand more trails be built.

And, they run for public office with the idea of changing the independent spirit of Washingtonians into one of subservience to the greater good.  One California right now is running for the highest seat in Thurston County government.

This isn’t new.  Californians have been pouring across our borders since the 1980’s.  Oregon even tried to stop them once before they got to our state, but failed.  (At one time, the police chiefs of Olympia and Lacey, as well as the Thurston County sheriff, were all California transplants.)

We need to find a solution to this problem.  Maybe we need a wall on the Columbia River and a roadblock on I-5 and 101 to stop them before they get here.  And, we’ll have California build it.  Or, maybe we just need to face the fact that California is out-of-control and the smart ones are moving out and moving here.


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