Worst state initiative in history?

September 6th, 2018 by Ken

Initiative 1639 is the most intrusive, the most ill-conceived, the most unconstitutional, the most over reaching state initiative in history.   It may be the worse initiative since Initiative 276 in 1972 which made it difficult for good people to run for public office.

Initiative 1639 is billed as a school safety measure but in reality it blows a hole in the Second Amendment and will no doubt be over-turned by the courts.   But if approved by the voters, it may be years before the courts rule and the damage will have been done to individual rights.

The initiative makes the possession and use of most guns illegal.  It puts intrusive rules in place which would place severe restrictions on the use and storage of firearms.   And, it make it illegal for 18-20 year-olds to buy or own a gun even if they’re in the military.

The campaign to get the measure on the ballot was paid for by out-of-state money and Seattle liberals.

If you own a gun of any kind, you will be faced with new rules on how you can buy, store and use your gun – – no matter what type of gun you own.   Don’t be fooled.  This has nothing to do with semi-automatic assault rifles.

There is no definition for such a weapon in law.   Get this straight.  All guns and most rifles are semi-automatic.  That means you have to pull the trigger for every shot.  Automatic weapons fire their entire magazine in one pull.   Most automatic weapons are already illegal.

I think supporters of gun control don’t understand that most guns and rifles are semi-automatic and not automatic.  I suspect assault rifles are those semi-automatics which have high capacity magazines and and can fire one at a time until the magazine is empty.

We need to have a good discussion on guns and responsibilities but Initiative 1639 is just a feel good measure so Seattle liberals can say they’re doing something about gun violence – while not doing anything at all but place the burden on legal gun owners.


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