Where is George Barner Jr.?

August 11th, 2018 by Ken

Despite losing part of his right foot to diabetes.  Despite losing his house to fire and all of his worldly possessions.  Despite suffering a stroke which sent him into rehab – – George Barner Jr. is alive, standing tall, and looking towards the future.

George has purchased a mobile home and is putting it on a lot he owns near Tenino.  He is working with a partner to develop his former homestead, which consists of two city lots on the westside of Olympia,  into a four-plex which he will rent out.

And, physically, he is doing well.  George is still suffering some weakness in his right side because of the stroke, but he can walk slowly.  His mind is still sharp although he does have some trouble pulling out information as quickly as he would like.  This may be because of age as well as the stroke, because shortly, he’ll be 78.

George is still involved in those projects which are important to him and continues to plan for the future.

And he continues to be a local community icon who has had a tremendous impact on our lives.

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