When it’s hot – it’s (well you know the rest)

July 24th, 2018 by Ken

Just got back from my annual visit to Sin City.   People say, “isn’t it hot in Las Vegas?”  I reply, “it’s 68 degrees in the casinos.”

But, it has been hot in Las Vegas – 110, 111, 112, 113 – – the days we were there.  Locals adapt.  They go from their air conditioned houses to their air conditioned cars to their air conditioned offices.  However there are people on the streets – – tourists for one.

Only mad dogs and tourists go out in the desert sun.

Thinking they’ll walk from their hotel to a casino or restaurant down the street, they venture out.   Many of them are from cooler climes and don’t realize it doesn’t take long to feel the effects of  the desert sun.  And, don’t forget, the blocks in Las Vegas along the Strip are long.

Very few collapse, but sunburn, heat stroke and dehydration are common occurrences.  After one walking trip, most of them go back inside and stay at their original location never to venture out again.

However, there are people on the streets along the Strip.   The street performers.  No matter what the time or the temperature, these Las Vegas staples are on the job.  Dressed as Superman, a gladiator, chorus girl, Mickey Mouse, and more, these are people just trying to make a living.  If the heat impacts them, they don’t say so to the tourists.

When its hot – some people still have to make a living.

( A side note:  It’s hot here as well.   This is the fourth hot summer in row.   If this climate change continues, think I’ll probably have to get an air conditioner.)

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