Worthless piece of paper

July 16th, 2018 by Ken

It’s election time in Thurston County.   You can tell – – you’ve just received your Voters Pamphlet in the mail.

To many, this voter’s guide in the ultimate political tool.   It’s the one piece of printed matter they depend upon to give them the correct information on the candidates and issues.  Because it comes from the government – – in this case  the Thurston County Auditors office, – – everything in this document is true and accurate.

Boy, are you wrong.   It’s just another worthless piece of paper.

Because, nothing contained in this so called ‘voters guide’ has been vetted to determine the truth.   Actually, the Washington State Supreme Court says you can actually lie in the guide.   It’s a First Amendment thing.

The statements are written by the candidates or their supporters.  It is not edited for grammar, content or truth.  It’s just another piece of political propaganda put out by politicians and paid for by you – – the taxpayer.

Do not believe anything in the voters guide you received in the mail.   Get your information from other sources. Talk to people you trust, go to candidate forums, educate yourself.

Don’t be an ignorant voters – – and don’t believe a word of what you read in the Voter’s Pamphlet.

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