It’s too quiet

July 1st, 2018 by Ken

It’s just too damn quiet.

Where’s the noise? Where’s the pops and bangs, the cracks and booms?   After all, it is a day or so away from the Fourth of July and there’s not a crack, pop, bang or boom to be heard.

How can you celebrate this nation’s birthday without the activities which made it so special?

We’ll still have the picnics, the family get togethers and the other things which make up the Fourth of July.  We’ll still have the community fireworks that appeal to those who find some fascination in believing that non-personal lights in the sky is a celebration of our country. (Disneyland does it every night.)

But, without the kids and the noise they make with their personal fireworks, we’re just going through the motions.  It was that individual celebration every time we set off a firecracker or bottle rocket, that made the Fourth so special. Yes, and even the feeling that it was a little dangerous, but that some danger was necessary to show that we really cared about our country.  That’s now gone.

And, it’s too damn quiet.

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